How Integration Works

We work with your system

Each ERP system and eCommerce platform we work with, have a rest API and method of sending and receiving data. A rest API, is an application programming interface, allowing programming languages to add, remove, and update data.

To give an example of how our integration works; a customer makes a purchase online, the purchase results in a sales order created by the eCommerce website. The ‘sale order create event’, notifies our integration system, and retrieves the sales order information. The integrator sends the sales order data to the ERP System, creating a new sales order entry.

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Our Integration Steps


Evaluate and establish requirements:

  • Assess business goals and current business bottlenecks
  • Detail project scope 
  • Provide solution proposal 
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Designing optimal user experiences:

  • Wireframes of key pages
  • Brand enhancements
  • User interface design process
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Designing optimal user experiences:

  • Milestone releases
  • Test scenarios and cases
  • Data migration
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Post-launch training and support:

  • Technical Consultation
  • Integration Training
  • Extensive Knowledge Base
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We Integrate With


SAP Business One
Sage Intacct
Sage X3
MYOB Advanced

Become a partner



Register as an ERP partner

Register as an ERP Partner

An ERP Partner is a company who currently offers the market an ERP solution from a recognised provider, i.e. MYOB Advanced from MYOB. ERP Partners rely on Weka Online to provide their customers with innovative integratedeCommerce solutions.

Register as an Agency Partner

Register as an Agency Partner

Weka Online welcomes the opportunity to work with any digital agency who offer their customers eCommerce solutions. As an Agency Partner, we leave the eCommerce development to you while our team integrates the ERP system into your eCommerce solution.

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