Online retail stores experiencing a high volume of sales orders need to consider integrating their eCommerce website with their ERP System and courier provider. Reducing the mundane task of copying and pasting data between systems can substantially save time and money.

Key Benefits

Improved Customer Experience

Your customers now have access to their specific pricing online and can purchase knowing they are getting the best deal. Customers can view their order history, invoice history, view the latest newsletter, and this month’s specials. Customers no longer need to tie up your phone line, asking for their invoice statement or the current status on their order; it is all available to them online.

Live Stock Information

Your new B2B eCommerce platform will retrieve stock information from your ERP system and display the data to your customers live. Showing update to date stock values reduce the chance of receiving orders from out of stock items.

Reduce Administrative Costs

You no longer need to employ someone to copy and paste data between your eCommerce system, email marketing system, and ERP system. Weka Online can connect your critical cloud communication systems to reduce the time wasted on meaningless tasks.

Increase Sales

A B2B eCommerce website means you can further upsell your products to existing clientele. By tracking online sales data, you can see what other products your customers are interested in buying beyond their regular purchase. We can help you install good marketing and sales systems to take advantage of your existing customer base. We can also help you find new clients to expand your sales pipeline further.

Centralised Data

Now you can genuinely make your ERP System the source of truth. Our integrations will help data flow from your ERP System after the create/update of an entity.

Success Stories

Why Choose Weka Online's B2B eCommerce for Retail

Increase ROI and decrease time to market

Retail customers are demanding more options beyond just email and phone orders. With a powerful B2B platform, your customers can engage with your business more, potentially improving their spend with you.

Built for B2B needs out-of-the-box

Weka Online have a pre-built B2B platform designed to suit the basic needs of a retail business. Order history, order form, invoice history, quote management, team management, special pricing, and trade products are all available out of the box.

Customised to suit your business

Weka Online’s in-house development team are ready to build a custom solution to match your business’s needs. The Weka Online development team has a track record of building robust solutions to improve how our retail clients interact with their customers.

To survive in the new world, retail companies need to get their business in the cloud. If an EDI connection is not available between your business and your customers, it is essential to offer alternative buying solutions beyond email and phone orders. Take the next step, and get in touch with one of our technical consultants.

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